End-to-end sell flow redesign for Android
Using the basic structure, visual design and flow established for iOS and desktop by the previous lead designer, I adapted the Android sell flow using Google's Material Design language and re-spec all elements for flawless platform adaptation.
Prototype: End-to-end sell experience
I did a comprehensive end-to-end prototype to illustrate the flow, transition and micro interaction of the Android sell experience. The focus here is to allow the team to grasp the wizard-like tasks and sub-tasks interaction and be able to fully scope the development works required for the product.
PDF upload flow for Android
Android's PDF upload flow is unique and device-specific. For this particular feature, I designed a flow that covers all the edge cases and added a level of micro interactions and animation polish that seamlessly blends this feature with the overall sell experience. 
Prototype: PDF upload flow
I did a comprehensive end-to-end prototype to illustrate micro interactions of the PDF upload flow as well as the behavior of the section row seats selection.
Barcode scanning
I designed a flow to allow users to efficiently scan their tickets via barcodes, validate them and eventually fulfill the listings. 
Prototype: Barcode scanning
I did a comprehensive end-to-end prototype to visually illustrate the micro interactions, transition and validation process.
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